The PAX Project consists of two main activities: PAX Moot Court and PAX Judicial Training.

PAX Moot Court is a specialized moot court competition focused on Transnational Law and Private International Law issues. In this competition, participants are able to learn and apply firsthand the complexities and nuances of how international Conventions and EU Regulations interact in the context of globalization. The PAX Moot Court started in 2012 as an internal moot court activity at Sciences Po Paris initiated by Professor Horatia Muir Watt and Hélène van Lith as part of the SciencesPo team. Additional information is available at: paxmoot.eu 

PAX Judicial Training is directed at judges and judges trainees and aims to achieve a better understanding and application of private international law in the EU. Thus, two expert workshops will be held in Barcelona and Ljubljana respectively, to bring together the selected judges trainees as well as the academic experts of the partner institutions. These meetings will have a twofold objective: the discussion and preparation of the Moot Court case and training in EU private international law for the judges trainees.